What is Hypnosis ?

Improve the quality of your life.

Hypnosis is a natural, yet altered state of mind. Hypnosis has many beneficial characteristics. Hypnosis is a skill that anyone can learn and, like any skill, you can improve with practice. Hypnosis helps you improve the quality of your thoughts, therefore the quality of your life improves as well.

A person is more in control when they are in hypnosis because they are accessing a higher state of consciousness while maintaining focused attention.  A person will not do anything outside of their moral compass while in hypnosis.
Since a person is in control while in hypnosis, they will not say or do anything they do not want to.
Hypnosis, like meditation, is a natural state of mind.  Hypnosis has been studied and authenticated scientifically.  Hypnotherapists are not “psychics” with supernatural powers.  People often go into a state of hypnosis throughout their day without even knowing it.
Hypnosis is not a fragile state.  Hypnosis is a safe and natural state of hyper awareness.  In the event of an emergency, an individual will naturally be able to come out of hypnosis and respond accordingly.
Everyone experiences some state of hypnosis throughout their day.  This occurs before falling asleep, while sleeping and right before waking up.  People also enter environmental hypnosis while watching a movie or television, driving on the highway, or reading a good book.  Athletes often go into a state of hypnosis, also known as “being in the zone” which helps them to perform exceptionally well.  Clients will also be taught how put themselves into hypnosis so they become more responsive each time they go into hypnosis.
While hypnosis is a relatively quick method to make permanent improvements, there is no such thing as a one-time based hypnosis miracle.  Results rely on the individual’s desire and commitment to change.  Each individual makes progress at their own pace.
Hypnosis cannot force anyone to tell the truth or confess.
Hypnosis is not an unconscious state of sleep.  In fact, most people have a heightened sense of awareness, concentration, focus and hearing.  There is a small number of people who do not have immediate recall of what happened while they were in hypnosis because they may have entered a deep level of trance.  Suggestions given during a session is created by the Hypnotherapist and Co-therapist (you) and agreed upon before the Co-therapist goes into hypnosis.  If a suggestion is given that does not agree with the subconscious, it will not be accepted.
People who already have strong or disciplined minds actually have an easier time going into hypnosis.  Being able to quiet and focus the mind is a benefit when learning how to go into hypnosis.