Stacey was born and raised in Colorado.  She attended Colorado State University and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.  Following her dream of helping children, she started working for the Denver Department of Human Services.  As a Staff Social Caseworker, Stacey worked directly with children who were in crisis due to abuse and neglect in their homes.  After three years, Stacey was working her way to becoming a Social Worker when another opportunity arose.  Stacey decided to further her education at the University of Northern Colorado and became a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.  After ten years as a School Psychologist, Stacey decided to stay home with her infant son.  Although staying home with her son was fulfilling in itself, Stacey still felt the desire to help others.  She always wanted her own private practice, but was unsure what she wanted to focus on.

Stacey was first introduced to Hypnotherapy in her high school’s Introduction to Psychology class.  She was intrigued and this was one of many reasons why Stacey initially went into Psychology as an undergrad.  Several years later, one of Stacey’s relatives went to a Hypnotherapist to quit smoking.  This relative smoked two packs a day for over forty years and stopped completely through hypnotherapy.  Ten years later, they are still a non-smoker.  Once again, Stacey was intrigued.  She decided to try it for herself and was amazed by the results.  With the help of Hypnotherapy, Stacey was able to work through some anxiety that was keeping her from reaching her potential.  A couple of months after Stacey had her sessions, she was able to move to a healthier work environment, met her future husband, and was living a happier life in general because she found her confidence.  Recalling this great success, Stacey wanted to be able to help others using Hypnotherapy.  Stacey has also used Hypnotherapy to get rid of chronic back pain that she has endured for 12 years.  Stacey completed her training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and is a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapists.

Stacey enjoys playing volleyball, cooking, heading to the mountains, live music, being active, and dance parties with her husband, son and dog.