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Meet Stacey Bennington

Hypnotherapist and Holistic Health Coach

Stacey has spent her life working in the service of others.  After she graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Psychology, she began working with children who were abused and neglected.  Stacey was on the path to becoming a Social Worker, but switched gears and went on to become a School Psychologist.  Stacey worked as a School Psychologist for over a decade before deciding to stay home with her first born.  The desire to help others still burned bright.  Stacey became a Board certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist and a certified Holistic Health Coach before the birth of her second child. 

Stacey has a passion for helping women who are struggling with anxiety after traversing her own journey through it.  Stacey discovered that as she shared her challenges with anxiety, she was not alone.  Stacey has been able to thrive after working on her anxiety using practices like mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, meditation, nutrition, natural supplementation, and many other holistic health approaches.  Now she is sharing what she has learned with others so that they may thrive as well.  


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Throughout the years I have read about past life regression and have hoped to have my own experience. I was so excited to find Stacey and have a safe place to explore past life trauma that has affected my current relationships and feelings. Only by going in the past was I able to receive the puzzle pieces to help create a fuller picture of my current life. I was able to help identify and resolve guilt that I could never pinpoint from my current life. I had a powerful experience that has really changed my life in a positive way.

— Laura, Denver, Colorado


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